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Planning Commission to review Standard Pacific Development Plans

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Planning Commission to review Standard Pacific Development Plans

The Planning Commission for the City of Tustin is scheduled to review and requested to approve the development plans for Standard Pacific at Tustin Legacy. The plan is for the development of 375 residential units on a 78 acre site.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10th, and will include the request to approve a general plan, a specific plan, a concept plan, a tentative tract map and design review and a development agreement between The City of Tustin and Standard Pacific to facilitate the development and conveyance of the 78 acre site, which is within the boundaries of MCAS Tustin Specific Plan.

Additionally, A workshop was provided on Thursday, December 5th, for the staff of the City Council to review and provide direction on the next steps for development at Tustin Legacy. This included authorizing staff to hire The Planning Center to conduct further analysis on Tustin Legacy remaining sites.

Among the topics of discussion were specific neighborhoods D, E and G, the Linear Park, pedestrian bridges and quality design. The next steps will involve a decision to amend the Specific Plan and potential challenges as a result of any amendments.

Watch the video below for a conceptual flyover of the Linear park: